List of available Plants

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We project and deliver complete turn-key factories for the production of (examles):

w LPG-, Acetylene and Oxygene-Gas-Bottles
w Parts of coach and chassis for Automobiles, Lorries, Bicycles and Motor Bikes
w Electric Motors
w Welding Transformers, Welding Generators and Welding Rectifiers
w Heating Radiators made of steel sheets or grey cast iron
w Bath Tubs made of steel sheets or grey cast iron
w Stainless Steel Sinks and Dish Washing Table Covers
w Direct Chill Continuous casting of iron bars from scrap
w Automobile Parts and Accessories made of Metal Powder
w Filters for Automobiles to clean Oil, Air and Fuel
w Welding Electrodes for Arc Welding Systems
w Wire made of steel or other metals
w All kinds of articles made of Wire
w All kinds of Pots, Kettles, Barrels, Canisters, Tins, etc.
w Filling lines for Milk in Tins or other Liquids in other containers
w All kinds of Caps for Bottles and Glasses (like Crown Corks, Pilfer-Proof Caps, Twist of Caps, etc.)
w Pipes for Water, Gas, Crude Oil, Furnitures and other technical purposes made of Steel or Metal
w Windows and Door Frames made of Steel (galvanized or lacquered types)
w Profiles, like Running Rails, Ceiling sheets, Jalousee, Louvre Windows, etc.
w Hand Tools like Screw Drivers, Hammers, Axes, Hoes, Spanners, Wrenches, Pliers, etc.
w Lighters for use with Gas or Petrol
w Knives, all Kinds of, for Household, Kitchens, Butchers, Sugar Cane, etc.
w Table Ware, like Spoons, Forks, Laddles, Tablets, Menuknives, etc
w Household Machines, as Refrigerators, Deep Freezers, Dish Washers, Cloth Washing Machines, etc.
w Batteries and Accumulators for electronic appliances and automobiles
w Medical Instruments, like Scalpells, Forceps, Syringes, Injection-Needles, Other disposables
w Office Equipment like Clippers, Punchers, Files Mechanisms, File Boards, Office Tables and Chairs

We also have some Non-Metal-Processing-Lines in our Program like:

w School Chalk production from Gypsum or Lime Stone Powder
w Mills for processing Weathen Flower or other typesof grain and corns
w Detergent production lines for using with washing machines or by hand in the household
w Bread processing equipment for Bakeries to produce flat Arabic Bread or Toast Bread
w Toilet Soap production lines starting from Cernel Palm-Oil or other materials
w All kinds of Paper works like Toilett Paper in rolls, Pocket handkerchiefs, Cleenex, etc

Furthermore we offer many Services like:

w Consulting Services for you or your customer at local site
w Elaboration of a feasibility Study for Ministries and Banks
w Installation and Supervising
w Training of Personnel and starting of Production
w Technical and Commercial Management and any other service required for the project