Single Machinery Program

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1. Presses
1.1. Eccentric Presses
  5 to 1000 tons capacity, as table-, one column-, and inclinable presses; crank
  presses, multiple die presses, knuckle joint presses, hand and foot lever presses,
  hand screw presses,
  Speciality: Automatic Punching Presses
1.2. Hydraulic Presses
  10 to 1000 tons capacity, table presses, single- and double column presses, four
  column presses, deep drawing presses, transfer moulding presses, synthetic resin
  presses, metal powder (sinter metal) presses.
  Speciality: Deep-Drawing Presses
1.3. Friction Screw Presses
  Wide and narrow columns, capacity 25 to 5000 tons
1.4. Dial Feed Presses
  Capacity 15 to 60 tons
2. Plate Working Machines
  3 and 4 roller bending machines, guillotines, folding machines and press brakes,
  circular shears single and multiple, slitting shears, riveting machines in all systems,
  thread rolling and trimming machines, longitudinal soldering automats, spinning
  Speciality: Hollow Section Profiling Machines to Produce Profiles from the Coil,
  such as Bicycle Rims, Mudguards and Shelf Profiles.
3. Welding and Soldering Machines
  Longitudinal and circular welding and automats (gas and electrical drive), spot and
  press welding machines soldering machines for special work, roller seam welding
  machines, special welding stands
  Speciality: Automatic Machines for Hollow Blanks Welding
4. Accessories for Automatisation
  Coiling and uncoiling hasps with and without drive, horizontal and vertical for wire
  and strips 50 - 5000 kgs coil weight, straightening machines, feeding and straight-
  ening machines, feeding and straightening apparatuses, mechanically, pneumatically
  and electrically driven, gripper feeder, controls for presses, drop-hammers and other
  pneumatic and electric systems, safe guard controls, waste cutters, indexing table
  Speciality: Blank Feeders from Single and Multiple Magazine
5. Tools and Devices
  Punch-, bending-, drawing-, following-on-, embossing- and cutting-off tools, forging
  dies, plastic and melting moulds up to a maximal weight of 10 tons. Also car-
  bide-tipped-tools, drilling-, bending-, welding-, assembling-, milling-, grinding and
  other devices, manually or mechanical driven.
  Speciality: Diamond Grinding Wheels, Diamond Grinding and Polishing Abra-
  sive, Carbide Drawing Dies and Matrixes for the Wire- and Screw
  Industry. Herefore: all Reconditioning Machines for Carbide Dies.
6. Special Machines and Special Constructions
  Corresponding to the Customerīs Requirements